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Portland named top five city… for film-makers!

March 19th, 2013

Another fine honor for our lovely, amenity-rich city: now we’re a hot movie-making site.

Citing Portland’s “temperate climate, gorgeous scenery and, perhaps most important, affordability”, E-zine MovieMaker named Stumptown the fifth-best city in the US for shooting a film, just behind – surprise! – Seattle and L.A.

Okay, maybe L.A.’s higher rank isn’t a surprise… except that it’s ranked number 4! Gives a whole new meaning to “Beat L.A.,” doesn’t it, sports fans?

Maybe it’s even time to be proud of our big sister Seattle, at number 3, rather than nurture those competitive juices on this one.

And here’s the kicker: number one is our spiritual brother city, Austin, Texas. Maybe it’s no accident that people like to compare the two cities in favorable terms.

Okay now, quiet on the set. Someone, somewhere in our city’s fine neighborhoods, is getting ready to shoot a most excellent scene.