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Portland Ranks in the Best 29 Cities for Men to Live

April 24th, 2009

Ask Men magazine, rated a bunch of cities all over the world to determine the top 29 best cities for men to live in. By using lifestyle categories including livability, sports/entertainment, culture, fashion, health, money/power, dating/sex, and “the good life”, Portland came in at #22 with Chicago (?!) taking the top spot. We suffered a little on the sports/entertainment and money/power rankings, but we scored 100% in culture, fashion, health and dating/sex!

Here’s our summary from the article:
Beer – Portland, aka Beervana, is officially the beer capital of the world with a grand total 38 breweries within the entire metro area. And if beer is not your thing, Portland also boasts local vodka, gin, and whiskey distilleries.

Outdoors – In addition, plenty of outdoor activities are available for the taking. With hundreds of miles of trails and paths, world-class skiing, and beaches along the coast, there is always something to do for everyone.

The Creative Culture – If art is your thing, Portland boasts many up-and-coming fashion designers, musicians and artists creating some off-the-charts clothing, design and art. Perhaps, you prefer to stay inside and tinker with gadgets and technology, Portland also has that covered as new and profitable tech companies are flourishing within the city. In addition, Portland is setting standards in the sustainable and green industries; unique and tasteful restaurants are popping up all over the city; and new residences are constantly being built in many established neighborhoods in Portland from bohemian and tree-lined to upscale and glossy.

Portland is definitely coming into its own and growing.