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Portland’s Top 5 Beer Bars (Best in U.S.)

January 13th, 2014

We all know Portland is the best city for beer in… well, anywhere. Usually what we have in mind when we say that is that Portland make the best craft beers, or has the greatest selection, or both.

Add a third meaning to the phrase. Portland is the best beer bar city, too.

Draft Magazine rated America’s best 100 beer bars for 2014. Almost a third – 31 of the 100 – were in the Pacific Northwest. Of those, five are in Portland.

Our big sister city to the north… you know, the one with the football team and over twice our population… yeah, they only had four.

Without further ado (and bragging constitutes “ado”), here’s the list of best beer bars in Portland, according to Draft:

  • Bailey’s TapRoom
    • 213 SW Broadway, Portland, Ore.
    • baileystaproom.com
  • Bazi Bierbrasserie
    • 1522 SE 32nd Ave., Portland, Ore.
    • bazipdx.com


  • Belmont Station
    • 4500 SE Stark St., Portland, Ore.
    • belmont-station.com


  • Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom
    • 3090 SE?Division St., Portland, Ore.
    • imperialbottleshop.com


  • Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern
    • 1004 N. Killingsworth St., Portland, Ore.
    • saraveza.com

For the full list of America’s best 100, see http://draftmag.com/features/americas-100-best-beer-bars-2014/.

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