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Resolve to walk more in 2013, Portland

December 31st, 2012

Since everyone else is making new year’s resolutions, we thought we’d join in the fun for 2013.

Our resolution – and we hope you’ll join us in this – is to walk more.

Yes, even WE need to walk more. And there are so many great benefits of walking:

  • Walking is great exercise. It improves circulation, strengthens the heart, tones the muscles, and overall makes you healthier.
  • By walking, you experience the city and your surroundings better. You can:
    • smell the delicious aromas from great bakeries,
    • taste the fresh air,
    • discover the amazing hidden gems of Portland like drinking chocolate and aged balsamic vinegar
    • hear the music played on every street corner,
    • see the city’s colors up close (like that silver-painted mime guy or the bagpipe-playing unicyclist at the waterfront).
  • And, you get to see – really see – the city. For instance, if you’re driving, you might see this:


  • But if you’re walking, you’ll see this:


View of Portlandia, walking

View of Portlandia, walking

Isn’t that better?

See why we love walking?

Happy 2013, Portland!