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Seven Things Every Portlander Must Do In Summer

July 18th, 2011

So you say you’re a Portlander? (Go ahead. Say it. Even if you’re not.)

Are you sure?

There are certain things every person must do before he or she can be considered a True Portlander. Or even be considered an extra on “Portlandia.” The “signature Portland” list of things that Every Portlander Must Do.

This is the summer list. (Yes, there are four of these lists.)

Do all of these things and you can at least fake it with the best of them.

  • Have lunch on Pioneer Courthouse Square on Tuesday or Thursday during “Noon Tunes” – live music for your lunch hour, FREE, in Portland’s living room. Sponsored by Muve Music and KINK-FM, this Tuesday’s performer is  jazz and pop arist Kate Davis. http://www.pioneercourthousesquare.org/
  • Take in a Zoo concert. Pack a light dinner, a couple of blankets to spread on the lawn and head down to the Oregon Zoo for some outstanding music under the stars. Tickets usually run in the $20-25 range – about the cost of parking at one of those huge indoor venues. This week:  Indigo Girls with Mount Moriah. http://www.oregonzoo.org/Concerts/
  • Flicks on the Bricks – Watch as the Square is transformed into an outdoor movie theatre for the entire community to enjoy! Bring a low back chair or blanket and truly make the Square your “living room.” Every Friday night at nightfall. This week’s feature: Top Gun. http://www.pioneercourthousesquare.org/calendar.shtm#flicks1
  • Oregon Brewer’s Festival – join 80,000 of your closest friends and try 82 amazing and often unique, experimental beers, listen to music, eat food, hoot and holler whenever someone commits a “beer foul” (spilling) and darken that brand new tan. Free admission. Always the last full weekend of July. More info: http://www.oregonbrewfest.com/
  • Providence Bridge pedal – Portland closes the Willamette River bridges to cars and lets the bikes take over. (On purpose, rather than the usual way.) You even get to ride on the upper deck of the Fremont and Marquam bridges! This year’s Sunday August 14. More info at http://blog.bridgepedal.com/.
  • Portland Farmer’s Market – Every Wednesday and Saturday, local farmers and food artesans bring their fresh produce to sell directly to you – and Portland’s downtown chefs, many of whom plan their menus around whatever they pick up at the market that day. Also get a “Taste of Portland’s Farmer’s Market” at Pioneer Courthouse Square during “Noon Tunes.” (Hint, hint.) http://www.portlandfarmersmarket.org/