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WSJ: Portland is Skateboarding Capital of the World

July 31st, 2009

Guests of our daily “Best of Portland” walk have witnessed the “Skate Route” signs that we always point out as part of illustrating the importance of alternate forms of transportation. And now, the Wall Street Journal has declared Portland to be the epicenter of skateboard friendliness. According to the WSJ, it took many years of activism at multiple levels to get us where we are today. But, we’ve apparently arrived.

We’ve come a long way. We remember the days before Tony Hawk was a household name and the Burnside Skatepark was illegally built and people thought it was a public nuisance. Now, it’s sanctioned by the city and has been featured in videogames and movies. To further show how integrated skateboarding is into Portland, local movie director Gust van Sant’s fictional Paranoid Park was partially filmed there and delves into skateboarder culture.

Check out the article at the Wall Street Journal article.