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The Blazer’s might not be the meanest… but their the greenest!

February 22nd, 2010

The Rose Garden Arena became the first major sports arena in the U.S. to achieve a Gold LEED rating. If you aren’t familiar with them, LEEDs ratings are awarded by the US Green Building Council for sustainable building practices, like energy and water conservation and low environmental impact. Some of the highlights… greenlights? … of the Rose Garden’s program are:

  • 60% reduction of waste to landfills by extensive recycling program. That’s more than 800 tons of garbage kept out of local landfills each year.
  • Energy efficient lighting, low-flow plumbing help reduce the arena’s energy demands. The Rose Garden also purchases 100% of its power from renewable energy.
  • Buy Local! The Rose Garden is dedicated to supplying guests with healthy, local produced, food and beverages.
  • Green packaging. More than 95% of food and beverage packaging on sale is compostable.
  • Alternate Transportation. More than 30% of attendees arrive to events by some other means than their automobiles, keeping a lot of carbon out of the atmosphere.

So no matter what happens this season. Our Blazers might not be the meanest… but they certainly are the greenest.