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The Bloom of a Rose

June 22nd, 2011

This poem was written and submitted by one of our Resident Experts, Micki. Thanks Micki!

The Bloom  of a Rose, by Micki Selvitella

Why do we place so much Faith
in the bloom of a Rose?
Or the change of Seasons?
Do we pray that,
like the tides or
phase of the Moon,
Life will continue –
Unencumbered by our
petty trials and worries –
Though seemingly moving
at a snail’s pace,
Or too fast to measure –
After all is said and done,
All will be well?
For if we listen to our own head,
The beating of our own heart,
The hours can become unbearable.
So, why place our Faith
in the bloom of a Rose?
For all that is to come.