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The Core of the Matter (an in-cider report)

October 21st, 2011

Tired of the same old Macintosh? Fed up with Granny Smiths? Want something a little more than Delicious?

No, we’re not suggesting you abandon the family’s Scottish heirloom recipes for apple haggis. But Portland is showing that the world of apples is much broader than the same-old, same-old you find en masse at the grocer’s bins.

You can try dozens of varieties of fresh, local apples and pears at Portland Nursery (5050 SE Stark) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11-5 at their FREE annual apple tasting event. Tastes are free, but you can also buy fruit and cider to take away to share with the rest of the family who couldn’t tear themselves away from the great football games on TV. (Go Ducks! Go Beavers!)

But you’ll be glad you went. It’s always just a wee bit fresher when it’s still in the basket, isn’t it?