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Two fun ways to confront Friday the 13th in Portland

April 13th, 2012

Superstitious? Thinking that Friday the thirteenth might be a good day to stay inside?

We disagree. We think it’s a lucky day… if you put it all in perspective, and confront the Unlucky on its own terms.

If the number 13 represents the dark, mysterious, and unlucky, then maybe the thing to do is seek out the dark, mysterious, and unlucky. Like the seedy, greedy, naughty past of Underground Portland. Or the haunted mysteries that abound in Beyond Bizarre.

We think a day like today – thirteenth – brings out the ghosties and nasties in abundance… and on a tour, you’re a safe, laughing distance away.

And if you’re not superstitious… well, then you’re probably already out and about on this beautiful day!