Portland Walking Tours

We’ve got company! Welcome, Serendipity!

August 6th, 2013

In June of this year, we made a big switch. We closed down our old “2002” era ticketing system and went with a new system, owned and operated by our affiliate, Big Red Arrow.

Up until now, we were the only guinea pigs on the new system. But that’s changed!

As of today, we have company on the site. Local independent theater company Serendipity Players now sells tickets to their high-quality shows, starting with “The Laramie Project” by Moises Kaufman. Directed by Tony Broom and Kate Flanagan, it’s a powerful story, well-acted and produced.

Our staff have seen the show, by the way… and we highly recommend it.

Soon, we’ll have more company on the site. Competition, even!

But we don’t mind. We’re confident that our quality tours will continue to draw people interested in getting the expert inside look at the most fun, interesting parts of Portland from highly trained Resident Experts, even when stacked up against other tour operators on the site.

Besides, we think it’s cool to be first. We hope Serendipity, the first theater company on the site, agrees!


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