Portland Walking Tours

“What should I wear on tour?”

October 10th, 2012

Sometimes it’s confusing. The Underground Portland tour goes underground, so should a person dress for subterranean conditions? Will the ghosts on Beyond Bizarre chill me to the bone? Do we spend all our time on the Epicurean Excursion in restaurants?

Here’s the best answer for all tours:  dress for the weather outdoors. The length of our indoor visits vary from tour to tour, but on all of them, you’ll spend a fair amount of time – in most cases, a majority of your time – outside.

Yes, even on the Underground Portland tour.

You don’t have to dress up for the Best of Portland tour, even though we visit some of Portland’s prettiest artsy hotspots. We’re casual here. Nor for the Epicurean Excursion, even though you’ll be doing some really fine dining. We’re casual here.

But feel free to get into costume for “Beyond Bizarre” on Halloween weekend. You never know what will get the ghosts up and active!