Portland Walking Tours

Yes, it’s true… this year we will have roses. And they will be wild.

March 27th, 2012

Good news for anthomaniacs!

Anthomania, n. An`tho*ma”ni*a\, n. [Gr. ‘a`nqos flower + mani`a madness.] A extravagant fondness for flowers. – Dictionary.com

We have it on good authority that this year there will be roses.

OK, so this “good authority” is the Aunt Zelda of one of our bud-loving guides. But we’ve learned over the years to ALWAYS accept that Aunt Zelda is right.

So, on Aunt Zelda’s authority, we’re bringing back Roses Gone Wild!  Tours will commence with the spring blossoms, which Zelda says is “sometime around Memorial Day… maybe a little after.”

We’re good with that. You?