Portland Walking Tours

Cheap imitations

July 27th, 2012

Grandma always said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Which is why we’re so amused by the sudden emergence of cheap knock-offs who hope to convince you that their cheaper or “free” tour is a better deal.

Free tours have been around since… well, tours.

So have bad tours. And tours that make up facts as they go along, sacrificing truth for entertainment and hoping you feel enough sympathy at the end to pay them in tips… which, since the tour was “free,” they’re not shy about asking for.

Well, that’s one approach.

We take a different approach. We believe that you’d rather hear – and see – the real Portland story – and yes, we tell it as a story. What makes it famous and loved as “Portlandia” today, as well as Portland’s secret underground past. To taste its rich culinary offerings, be they from gourmet kitchens, chocolate shops or food carts. To experience it yourself, not just follow a tour guide from point to point as they say things like, “To your left you’ll see…”

We spend countless hours doing research and verifying claims rather than just fitting a story into a clever punchline. We want to entertain – just not at the expense of truth. Which is why we also hire and train professional guides, not just actors or comedians who follow a script.

We don’t mind being the ones that people imitate with cheap knock-offs. In fact, we kind of like it.

We also like this universal truth:  you get what you pay for.