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A little love from Boulder

September 22nd, 2010

Locals love Portland – that’s why we’re here. Our beautiful green spaces, laid-back people, tasty wines and craft brews, and the pedestrian-, transit-, and bike-friendly transportation system make our city unique and welcoming to newcomers as well as long-term residents. It’s easy to imagine that Portland’s magic is our own well-kept secret.

Every so often we get a welcome reminder that the secret’s getting out.

Last Friday, a couple from Boulder celebrated their one-year anniversary in Portland. Since they wanted to see Portland’s best, what better way than to go on a Best of Portland tour? Not surprisingly, they had a great time. What did surprise us was just how good a time they had – so good that they posted a great photoblog (http://bit.ly/chEXhw) about their visit.

It’s great reading with great photos to match. They loved Portland – its quirky history, great public art, beautiful parks and great beer. And, of course, the tour, which was “one of [their] favorite parts of the trip.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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