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Did you see us on TV?

May 1st, 2013

If you got up early this morning and turned your TV to “Good Day Oregon”, you’d have seen some exciting news – and gotten a great sneak peek into our newly unearthed subterranean territory on our Underground Portland and Beyond Bizarre tours.

KPTV “On the Go” reporter Joe Vithayathil took a below-the-streets look at the newly excavated area in a series of segments on the Channel 12 news show, in which a number of topics explored on the tour were introduced – and some of the newly discovered locations were revealed.

We recommend you check your cable or satellite provider’s “on demand” archives and take a look at these segments. They’re great fun – and you’ll get a much better idea of what the tour is about from these clips.

Of course, an even better way to explore Underground Portland is to just go on the tour. Or watch our own video clips. But, you knew we’d say that.

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