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Tours: Chocolate Decadence


Let us demonstrate and indulge you in the diversity of chocolate: beans, bars, whipped, truffles, cocktails, melted, served as a drink, and some incredible surprises. As we visit multiple chocolatiers, we’ll guide you through 15+ tastings to help you appreciate and master the subtleties of all things chocolate. This fun journey is not just for cacao lovers and closet chocolatiers - all are welcome.

Portland is justly famous for its coffee and beer, but the Portland culinary scene offers far, far more than that. Our Chocolate Decadence tour celebrates the Rose City's spin on the world's favorite sweet indulgence. While the coffee junkies and beer snobs are yammering away about their respective libations, you'll see (and more importantly: taste!) chocolate in myriad forms - be it whipped, melted, or served as a drink. Local vendors and chocolatiers will showcase their tasty works giving you a window in on their world, pulling back the curtain and showing off how they satiate Portland's appetite for decadent desserts on a daily basis.

Our fun and engaging Resident Experts will outline chocolate's lineage from humble bean to tempting confection, leading you through guided tastings to help you better discover and appreciate the nuances of chocolate in its various forms and types. And they are certainly various - be it in the form of a cake, nib, cookie, cocktail or even vinegar or salt, chocolate (and this tour) will surprise you. What's more, you'll experience it all through the lens of Portland's vibrant food scene. In a city where food experimentation, quality, and culinary expertise are so highly prized, chocolate is no exception.

Our Chocolate Decadence tour focuses on the heart of Portland and goes for about two and a half hours. The total distance covered is less than a mile and a half, hopefully enough walking to work off the calories from the eatable, sippable, and chewable chocolate that you'll be enjoying along the way.

Tour Details

Dates & Times:

Year-round: Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 PM

Starting Location

Meet at our box office indoors and under Pioneer Square (701 SW 6th Ave at Yamhill St).

Find convenient sheltered parking located at Smartpark on SW 10th & Yamhill.

Tour Duration

About 2 ½ hours
Less than 1 ½ miles (no hills, 15 steps)

Advance Ticketing

Each tour group is limited in size, so advance online tickets are strongly recommended.

Prices and Buy Tickets Now

Price (always without ticketing fees and sales tax)

  • $59 All Ages
  • At our alcohol location(s), guests under the age of 21 can join us but will be served a non-alcoholic beverage.

Other Tour Dates

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Examples of items served

You'll sample lots of chocolate - but that's not all. Typical tours include:

  • Treats at six to eight locations for your eyes, ears, mind, and - most definitely - your taste buds
  • Tastes, sights, and fascinating stories of chocolate concoctions, in both liquid and solid form
  • Dark, milk, and white chocolates, on all sections of the sweetness scale
  • Tracing - and tasting - chocolate's transformation from bean to bar
  • Truffles, bars, drinks, and even "nibs" - chocolate in raw form!
  • The fascinating narrative about how chocolate is made, where it comes from, and where it's headed next
  • Sampling stops at some of Portland's most famous - and most overlooked - chocolatiers
  • And much, much more!


These are the things you'll discover with us:

  • Slowing down to experience and relearn how to interpret and enjoy appearances, smells, tastes, mouthfeels, and aftertastes - Like a wine tasting, we'll guide you through the process of renewing all five senses with chocolate as the central theme.
  • The reason that Portland is home to 30+ artisan chocolatiers
  • Why chocolate is literally the food of the gods
  • The true cultural history of the medicinal and ritual use of chocolate
  • Mouth-watering chocolate-related trivia
  • Why Pop-Rocks and Bacon are the current novelty sensations in chocolate
  • A fascinating exploration into the trials and tribulations of actually making chocolates.
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Reviews & Kudos

"Oh. My. God."
- Donna, Portland, Orgeon
"I've been on all of your tours, but this one's my favorite. By far!"
- Renee, Vancouver, WA