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About The Video

Take a virtual tour of Portland's tastiest culinary secrets and gourmet delights! Follow Zack and his "foodie" girlfiend Karen as their Resident Expert helps them savor the flavors, textures, aromas and backstories of Portland's finest cuisine. While tasting stops vary by season, tour schedule and availability, you'll get a great glimpse of the types of treats tour guests devour daily in Portland's amazing culinary scene.

This gastronomic video tour is your highlight reel of Portland Walking Tours' Epicurean Excursion. Guests sip, taste, and devour their way around the city as they get "behind the counter" to savor the creative concoctions of Portland's little-known chefs.

From drinking chocolate to fresh, local organic produce and meats to Oregon's amazing craft beers and wines, this tour and video highlight the tastes, textures, aromas and images of what draws "foodies" to the Pacific Northwest. You'll get hungry watching this one, so you'll want to buy tickets immediately afterward so you can join this year-round tour too.

About The Tour

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